Industry Leading VNA / Big Data Ready

Roentgen Works was built from scratch with open-sourced tools. These allow us to take advantage of the tremendous work done by leading Internet companies on applications they needed to quickly Expand, support high availability and quickly add millions of users.

As the healthcare regulations continue to evolve, our products must adapt quickly to support them. Standard SQL databases are not conducive to this. An entirely new paradigm was required: nonSQL databases. Unlike traditional relational databases, elements can be easily and elegantly added; they can build the hierarchical structures for understanding body models and complex rules. They support massive scalability via the ability to add nodes; they scale linearly, high reliability with their ring clustering.

    Next Generation Capabilities:
  • Highly Reliable
  • Massively Scalable
  • Support for Ad Hoc queries
  • Support for Fuzzy searches
  • WADO Services
  • Xds i.b
VNA New Technologies

Data automatically
replicates in different
geographic regions