BRIT VNA - Why New Technologies are Needed

Responding to Government Reporting Requirements for
Performance, ICD-10 and Appropriateness
Requires Modern Technologies

Solutions built with technologies from the 80's won't do it. Modern regulations require modern techniques, databases and search tools. BRIT's Roentgen Works provides the base to quickly respond to these challenges: Non-SQL database, ElasticSearch, NLP with links into LOINC and SNOMED, support for ingesting government's new rules - published in CQL Radiology resources to tune the process, implement the rules

Are you Prepared for the New Healthcare World of Pay for Performance?

The government is quickly changing regulations to move healthcare to pay for performance.
They will be publishing the rules in a new language designed specifically for this task.
They demand that vendors' technologies adapt to support this.
BRIT has already moved our technology to support this work - and the move was not trivial.It required a total rewrite of our legacy PACS to use modern technologies, widely deployed in other industries, but not adopted by healthcare.
This includes: NonSQL databases
                       Advanced search engines
                      NLP engines capable of converting text into discrete healthcare data and then mapping that into the international healthcare coding schemes (SNOMed and LOINC, for example) that allow us navigate the government road maps. These government road maps, which are a set of nested rules, are published in a new language developed by the government called CQL.