UrgentWorks - Reduced Liability Insurance

UrgentWorks is BRIT’s web-based and automated phoning solution for managing critical results reporting. Urgent findings can be parsed from reports or entered into a web page either directly or via integration with workstations. UrgentWorks then starts phoning clinicians and/or patient locations to deliver the findings. The system continues phoning a list of recipients until the findings have been acknowledged, which may also be done via the web. The urgent finding history can then be returned via HL-7 to other information systems, most commonly as addendums to reports. Full listings on each urgent finding as well as statistical analysis of delivery and acknowledgement times are available with a few clicks of the button. Working with Safer MD to audit the results, insurance companies may provide liability insurance discounts to doctors and hospitals for demonstrated effective use of this product.

Distinguishing features include:

  • Multi-contact approach
  • Ease of delivery of message. The recipient only needs to touch a single number on their phone to hear and single number to acknowledge findings – no typing of patient IDs.
  • Users can dynamically change their contact information via the web
  • Users can document their conversations using the web tools
  • Recipient of phone call can request connection to radiologist or patient location
  • Includes general emergency contacting tools
  • FireDrill utility verifies phone numbers for clinicians

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