UrgentWorks - Introduction

BRIT System's BRIT UrgentWorks is a pure browser based solution that supports the flagging of urgent findings and critical test results by reporting clinicians and the immediate communication and on-going tracking of results to the ordering clinicians. The critical findings and history of the communications can be viewed and updated by all involved users on the browser interface. BRIT UrgentWorks also sends messages by email, fax, and proactively calls or texts the ordering clinician. The UrgentCall feature converts the reporting clinician's text to an audio message that can be acknowledged on the fly by the recipient. All updates to the critical result are instantaneously available across the enterprise. A reporting clinician can easily use BRIT UrgentWorks to effectively communicate their findings in accordance to ACR guidelines and Joint Commission initiatives.

Critical Test Reporting System: Workflow for Communication / Tracking of "Stat" Results and Urgent Finding

BRIT UrgentWorks can be readily implemented within any workflow environment. BRIT UrgentWorks builds a patient worklist via either an HL-7 interface to a department's order entry system or via DICOM by regenerating order information from a study's DICOM header meta data. Reporting clinicians log in through any Internet browser and enter the critical result, which will automatically trigger the Actions needed message over the browser-based interface and over the phone (Figure 1). The recipients of a message are determined from the ordering physician and patient location in the order. The recipients each have a log-on to the system where they can manage their own contact information and establish the rules for how to contact them based on the severity of the test or test results. All messages and actions by all clinicians are recorded in the critical results history log.

    Why you'll love this system:
  • Meets Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goal Objective #2
  • Seamless interface to existing workflow (PACS, RIS or EMR)
  • Reporting clinician simply types their note in a browser and the system utilizes a multi pronged
    approach to contact the ordering physician
  • Ordering clinician is notified proactively via the web, fax, email and phone.
  • Auto-calling of results happens immediately and is logged as a part of the critical results history
  • System can connect reporting physician to recipient by phone
  • System supports read-backs
  • All system actions logged and uers can enter notes on conversations. Web interface can be
    accessed on a computer, laptop or smart phone
  • Administrator panel for message monitoring and statistical analysis
  • Critical history log for audit trails including messages, users involved and time stamps archived
  • Once "Completed", history of communication sent as an addendum to the final report

Unimpeded Workflow for Radiologists

UrgentWorks parses out the Urgent Finding from the radiologist's report. Parsing is just a fancy computer word for searching through a document, looking for a phrase and then grabbing something associated with the phrase, or the item itself. Urgent Works provides a tool to defining the starting point and ending point of an urgent finding. These are used to pull the results out of the report.

Hassel-Free Delivery of Urgent Finding

When the system calls a user with an urgent finding, the user simply hits a key on their phone verifying they are the right person. The message is then played and they can acknowledge the finding and hang-up OR they can hit another key to connect to the radiologist. Simple and efficient.

When calling a location, the person answering the phone must enter a 4 digit user ID, then the workflow is the same as when calling a user directly. Simple and efficient.