UrgentWorks - The FireDrill

The FireDrill - and other set-up and maintenance tools

The largest task in setting up a site is entry of the information instructing the system how to contact the users and locations. This is not the type of information that is generally available anywhere within the clinical environment today. Parts of it may be available via a format that BRIT can import into the system from the HIS or from the medical records department. But generally, the application is looking for a richer set of contact information. This includes office numbers, mobile numbers, pagers, emails and who backs them up when they are not available. We refer to these as "contact methods". The user also sets up the order of the contact methods . The system manager determines how many times each number is called and the time between each call.

Once some information is in the system, the manager runs a FireDrill. The FireDrill includes a tool for informing the users when the call will occur. It calls every number in a selected group (or all groups) and verifies that the number . Users can modify their numbers and contact priorities at this time. This tool is then run periodically as part of the general hospital's emergency drill.

The system manager can view reports of all verified numbers, all failed numbers, correct numbers and retry.