UrgentWorks - Design Criteria

UrgentWorks was designed to fix the major road blocks preventing these critical results systems from moving into general use. These features include:

  • Tools to assist in the set-up and maintenance of user contact information -
    • (accomplished with our FireDrill)
  • Tools to allow users and system administrators to easily and dynamically change their contract information via the browser interface
  • Flexibility in contact methods
  • A rich set of escalation tools to assure someone acknowledges the finding
  • Unimpeded workflow for the radiologists (Click Me!)
  • Ability to enter and follow urgent findings from workstation / web application
  • Hassel-free delivery of the urgent finding (Click Me!)
  • Return of Urgent Findings to multiple RIS, HIS and EMRs
  • Ability to extend the communication system to other areas of the hospital, including using it for ER discordance and for lab work.

The design also considered the requirements to:

  • Produce reports and statistical analysis for the department managers, available anytime, anywhere, for any time period.
  • Contact patient locations in addition to individuals
  • Provide a SaaS purchase model, so facilities can utilize the service with minimal IT support and little to no capital costs