UrgentWorks - Critical Test Result Management (CTRM)

Urgent Works is a standard based module that your facility can implement seamlessly within an existing environment. The pure browser based application automates the flagging and delivery of urgent findings and critical test results by reporting clinicians to ordering clinicians. The life cycle of the message is recorded in a history log for instantaneous report generation, complying with Joint Commissions National Patient Safety Objective #2.

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  • Administrators
    • Administrators can demonstrate critical results management for Joint Commission audit in minutes
    • Track Critical Test Result events in real time
    • Reduced critical result acknowledgement turnaround time for the department
  • Radiologist
    • Radiologists never loses focus of the study or the report to submit or deliver a critical result
    • Completely automated system removes manual tracking of ordering physician, which takes away from the radiologistís productivity levels
  • Ordering Physician
    • Ordering Physician acknowledges receipt of critical results over a phone call
    • Ordering physicians can receive and acknowledge critical result electronically, including on an iPad
  • Real Cost Savings
    • Reduce malpractice insurance costs for Hospital or Reading group

Key Features

  • Support entry of Urgent Finding by radiologist via:
    • Parsing out of report for unimpeded workflow
    • Entry into Webpage
    • Entry from image workstation(with integration)
  • Auto-calls physician or patient location or Delivers via web page
    • Requires no entry of patient information to receive result
    • Acknowledgement right on the phone or via the web page or iPad
  • Users can dynamically change their contact information
  • Implements escalation procedures if the system can't reach primary contact
  • Connects physician/location to radiologists with a single click
  • FireDrill verifies phone numbers
  • Extensive analysis of turn around times and thorough reports for Joint Commission audits or department quality assurance meetings from a browser- based web portal

Interested in learning how UrgentWorks can help you maintain compliance, automate critical results reporting to save time, resources, and potentially reduce malpractice claims attributed to the failure to communicate radiology results?

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