SpeechWorks Basic

The SpeechWorks Basic module provides all the benefits of the SpeechWorks workflow and allows the user to implement the speech recognition product of their choice. The speech recognition product is purchased by the end-user and it is called up from within the SpeechWorks application, just as it is called up in any other user application. It can work with the canned reports, but there is no special support for templates – such as a command to move to the next selection field or the ability to select an item from a pull down list. Additional limitations with this product include: some of the products, such as Dragon Medical, must have the cursor in the dictation window to operate correctly. This is not the case with MacSpeech, but MacSpeech only runs on an Apple platform. There is no ability for SpeechWorks to access the sound recording of other vendors’ engines, so it does not work with a transcriptionist.