Report Distribution and Canned Reports with Roentgen Files

Roentgen Files Report creation is a low function report creation solution that is included with the RIS with a sophisticated report storage and distribution capability. For a more full featured report creation solution, see SpeechWorks.

Roentgen Files RIS supports the creation of reports via direct typing and a selection of canned reports. A transcriptionist listens to the recording using the siteís preferred recording method and types into the report header created by Roentgen Files administrators. A selection of canned reports is also available and can provide a one- click normal for radiologists when the RIS is used with one of BRITís workstation products. Once completed, the radiologist can view and digitally sign the report. Reports can also be received via HL-7, providing access to the sophisticated report distribution tool. Once signed or received, reports can be distributed to multiple, select HL-7 interfaces, based on originating facility and the referring physicianís profile. A fax monitor reports any errors and allows for retries.