RoentgenWorks' Entry Node

Roentgen Works Cloud with the Entry Node provides the best of both worlds: The Cloud stores studies securely, in redundant locations, economically. It is the VNA fiber. The Entry Node provides local access to applications and recent

studies, providing enhanced performance. Since the systems are identical, users can log into either one: providing facilities with an excellent business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

PACS/RIS systems are mission critical: they have to stay up and perform 24 x 7 x 365.

There can be hundreds of components between your facility and an Internet hosted system. How many of them break before it

impacts your patients? We donít know either and that scared us. So, we designed and built the Entry Node to work with our cloud solution and put a low price tag on it because every one should own one.

It works when the Internet has given up the Ghost. It runs the same applications available from the Cloud and replicates all data and studies to the Cloud. Local users access the Entry Node, remote users access the Cloud. Any user can access either node as required. And with properly configured load balancing switches, users can even be switched over from one server to the other transparently.