Roentgen WorkFlow

ROENTGEN WORKS FLOW (RWF) is a service for radiologists to provide remote reading services for multiple healthcare facilities. Designed to allow independent reading groups to compete with the largest groups for reading contracts, this service provides superior tools for supporting the specific needs of this environment. Combining years of real world experience working with DICOM studies and reading services, the Roentgen Works Flow includes an additional layer of functionality to efficiently support, report, and track the preliminary and final diagnosis in a remote, multi-site reading environment. Built using the latest Web technologies, Roentgen WorksFlow:

  • Requires no loading of applications onto a workstation
  • Works with SSL and https, so VPNs can be avoided
  • Provides real-time updating of statuses for radiologists and customers
  • Utilizes advanced communications tools for critical results, ER Discordance, etc.
  • Supports integration with VR products, viewing workstations
  • Options for concierge (humans) support for workflow tracking
Radiologist's screen

Radiologist' Screen