Roentgen Files RIS - System Administrator

Why you'll love Roentgen RIS if you are a System Administrator: (Click on any text)

  • The Dashboard User Interface -real time system monitoring with alerts
  • Revolutionary Exam Loop- proactively monitors
    the flow of data and studies through the entire
    workflow, customizable via GUI, alerts users
    when predefined thresholds have been met
  • HIPAA user access logs- provides detailed,
    printable reports for userís access to the
    system and provides a list by patient as to
    who has accessed their file
  • Customizable, granular user access,
    permissions and profiles
  • IHE compliant scheduled workflow
  • Tools for finding and correcting 'unmatched'
  • Tools for merging patient records
  • Bi-directional HL-7 interfaces with support for
    multiple servers
  • Advanced disaster recovery and business
    continuity services with SmartSynch -
    redundant system built in real time