Roentgen Files RIS - Clerk

Why you'll love Roentgen RIS if you are a Clerk: (Click on any text)

  • Easy Order Entry Workflow
  • Quick Add option for adding a new
    patient and order on one panel
  • Quick reschedule capability
    from the patient list
  • Patient pictures for identification
  • Exam report distribution and
    management- including auto-fax
    capabilities and tracking
  • Database of insurance carriers
  • Process for tracking insurance
  • Radiology scheduling for multiple
    facilities and modalities
  • Customizable fields for adding and
    tracking patient alerts and allergies
  • Ability for referring physicians to
    make schedule requests and for
    the Radiology Department to approve
    and confirm those requests
  • Customizable, quick patient search options
  • Ability to block and unblock schedule
  • Color coded schedule and patient list by status
  • Ability to print daily, or weekly schedules by modality and facility