Roentgen Files RIS

BRIT Systems’ The Roentgen RIS is a user friendly, highly functional Radiology Information System that provides a hospital or clinic with the automated tools to electronically schedule and manage patient exam information. The Roentgen RIS utilizes a web based client that provides referring physicians the added flexibility to instantly view and schedule their own patient’s radiographic services.

Hospital specific standards, namely HL7 and DICOM, are supported and utilized to interface the application with hospital and clinic ADT, Billing, Dictation, and Transcription systems. The Roentgen RIS also accesses the same database as BRIT’s PACS solution, The Roentgen Files, allowing for seamless expansion to a filmless environment.

Highlights include:
  • Web Based Patient Order Entry and Scheduling
  • Remote Physician Access via the Internet
  • Exam Report Distribution and Management
  • Real Time Exam Tracking
  • HIPAA Audit Trail Tracking
  • Flexible Management Reporting

The Roentgen RIS was designed with the needs of the patient and the physician in mind, as they are the users of the Radiology services. Physicians want to have their patients’ exams scheduled and reported as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what BRIT’s The Roentgen RIS allows them to achieve. The Roentgen RIS provides a physician with complete electronic access to their patients’ information. Complete access means better management, better control, better patient care.

Better control is also provided to the Radiology staff. The Roentgen RIS provides extensive tools to manage the Radiology exam workflow. Exams are tracked from source to completion according to the specific custom requirements of the organization  The application provides many user editable tables that can modify the default workflow and other aspects of the solution.

New in Roentgen RIS 4.02

  • Patient pictures
  • Insurance card pictures
  • Patient alert symbols on calendar
  • Patient calling management
  • User defined color coding for worklist
  • Insurance authorization by procedure code
  • All new look to insurance page with support for workman's comp and car accidents