PACS View - A System Administrator

Why you'll love BRIT PACS View if you are a System Administrator: (Click on any text)

  • Easy to install and configure - includes 2 hours of support with each license
  • Promiscuous for receipt of studies (no configuration on viewer for DICOM Storage SCP!)
  • Can use either C-Get or C-Move to request studies from other servers
  • Can present different AE Title to each server
  • Can have different user authentication to each server
  • Use to import CDs into own server,
    with support to change name and ID
    to those used in your system
  • Provides HIPAA logs for who viewed
    studies from various servers:
    information that is normally lost with
    other DICOM viewers
  • Users can log-in and view local studies
    when network is down.
  • Give patients CD with Study & Viewer
    or print on paper (both including
    report, If used with a BRIT server)
  • Site Licenses Available (send
    email to for details)