PACS View - Radiologist

Why you'll love BRIT PACS View if you are a radiologist: (Click on any text)

  • Support for broad range of DICOM Images - it may be the only viewer you'll need
  • Studies can be sent to workstation or
    retrieved via either DICOM C-Move or
  • Auto-detects multiple screens
  • Flexible,advanced worklists:
    • One list per monitor available
    • Smart-sort: up to 3 levels deep
    • Series thumbnails and report
  • Quick comparison exam launch
  • Drag and drop exams or thumbnails
  • Customizable features by user:
    • Hanging protocols
    • Hotkeys and toolbar
    • Window / Level presets
  • Single click series auto-linking within
    a study
  • Primary secondary series linking
    between studies
  • Advanced, DICOM standard key images
    and annotations
  • On-screen magnification indicator and controller
  • MPRs with MIPs
  • Snapshots for grabbing images for presentations