PACS View - An Orthopedic Doctor

Why you'll love BRIT PACS View if you are an Orthopedic Doctor: (Click on any text)

  • Efficient / Easy to use annotations:
    • 2 Line Cobb
    • Drop Perpendicular Line
    • Ruler and Goniometer
  • All annotations:
    • Stretch and move
    • Spine labeling tool
  • Communication Tools:
    • Paper Print Study
      (and report with BRIT Server)
    • Create CD with Viewer (and reports
      with BRIT Server)
    • Snapshots for grabbing images for
    • Ability to store images directly
      from modalities, as required
    • Download studies then view from
      laptop without network connection
      great for mobile viewing
    • Works with Citrix for support of
      multiple rooms
    • Set your own statuses, helpful when getting studies from other servers
    • View DICOM CDs and import into your PACS, simply,with support to change name and ID
    • Orthopedic templating optionally available