PACS Bundles

BRIT Systems is now offering lower-cost bundled PACS and PACS/RIS solutions for Clinics and Offices.


PACS Bundles include:

  • A local Roentgen Files DICOM Server/Archive

  • A BRIT managed ASP off-site copy of all study information,

  • Unlimited BRIT Lite viewing applications

  • A number of PACS View licenses, based on site size,

  • A number of modality integrations, based on site size,

  • A Roentgen Burner CD /DVD utilities and

  • Training modules, based on site size.

Options include:

  • Order entry and modality worklist implementation

  • SmartSynch Synchronization for real-time DR/BC at off-site location

PACS/RIS Bundles include:

  • PACS Bundle,

  • Order entry and modality worklist implementation,

  • Scheduling with a reservation system, and

  • Physician reporting with report distribution.