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WebWorks QC Helps Technologists Correct Studies Using the Emerging IOCM Standard

DALLAS, TX, November 25, 2014 - Today BRIT Systems announced the release of WebWorks QC, an optional module for the company's WebWorks zero footprint image browser that provides advanced study QC functionality. Designed to return results via the emerging IOCM standard, it allows changes to studies to made in one place with the results automatically returned to multiple servers, such as to a PACS and a VNA, keeping them synchronized. BRIT will highlight WebWorks QC at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), in booth #2407, November 30 to December 4, 2014 in Chicago.

WebWorks QC allows technologists to correct studies from anywhere they can access a browser. QC worklists can be readily shared among multiple technologists and once a study is QC'ed, it can be returned to all servers that store a copy via the emerging Image Object Change Management (IOCM) standard. Shelly Fisher, President of BRIT Systems, points out that while IOCM is still in the trial implementation phase, there are no competing standard methods: other methods would be proprietary.

Until now, quality control workstations were the purview of expensive, dedicated workstation. And, once a study was corrected, each copy of it needed to be manually stored back to its server. For example, a study corrected in a PACS had to be erased from the VNA and then resent. This resulted in systems getting out of synchronization.

WebWorks QC supports matching an order with a study, deleting images, rearranging images and series and moving images from one study and / or patient to another, all via a user friendly drag and drop interface. The original patient information is stored within the image and the original study can be restored at any point in time from within the QC server. Users can easily anonymize and edit studies to use them as a training aid in teaching and research. The QC's server can also act as the browser-based viewer, making the study available anywhere (also see BRIT's WebWorks product). Try it for free by signing up for an account at

"BRIT Systems, long an innovator of management tools for PACS, is again leading the way by addressing the need to move beyond proprietary, expensive, time consuming solutions to reconcile records," says Shelly Fisher, President of BRIT Systems. "We are moving functionality to the browser, increasing flexibility for the PACS administrators, reducing the complexity and increasing the quality of the PACS/VNA environments while reducing costs."

About BRIT Systems:

BRIT Systems is a technology company that provides custom, turn-key solutions for PACS, RIS, teleradiology, including ASP solutions, and digital reporting solutions. Founded in 1993 with the goal of providing affordable PACS based on standards, BRIT designs and deploys high-quality PACS/RIS based on the company's comprehensive understanding of radiology departments, medical imaging, networks, DICOM integration, security and highly available computer systems. BRIT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Imaging Advantage, LLC, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. More information can be found at

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