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BRIT System Press Releases RSNA 2014 Summary

1.BRIT System Acquired by Imaging Advantage. BRIT Systems, a long time technology leader in PACS, teleradiology and image sharing has been acquired by Imaging Advantage, a large reading group out of Phoenix, Arizona. The acquisition combines the radiology technology group with a service provider, enabling Imaging Advantages customers to utilize BRIT's advanced technology features and allowing BRIT's customer to use Imaging Advantages services and products.

2.The Collaborative Radiology Pool. This is the first joint offering between BRIT Systems and Imaging Advantage. The pool provides the marketing, technology and professional services that enable radiologists to either place studies into a pool to be read by approved/ credentialed radiologists in the pool or read studies from the pool for those sites where they have been approved / credentialed. Other services and utilities can also be utilized, such as the concierge services for providing 24 x 7 service level tracking, billing, and shared worklist tools for private practices.

Major enhancements to Roentgen Works zero footprint tools, including:

3.WebWorks 3D. Webworks now has the option to support 3D viewing. Tools include 3D rendering with the snapshotting of the 3D picture so it can be stored as a DICOM SC and viewed by all, MPR, MIPS, location tools and 3D measurements.

4.WebWorks QC. This optional module supports Quality Control features from a browser. It can front-end PACS and VNA, returning the changed study to multiple servers via Image Object Change Management, the emerging standard. Tools include matching studies with orders, deleting image, rearranging images and moving images between studies and patients.

5.Roentgen WorksFlow. This module has been greatly enhanced to support storing radiologists reading locations(important for billing), service level agreement management / tracking, enhanced tools for the auto-assignment of studies to radiologists and advanced tools for integrating with a long list of workstations and voice recognition products. Also see the Collaborative Radiology Pool.

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