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BRIT Systems and SaferMD partner
to Reduce Malpractice Insurance Costs

DALLAS, TX, and NEW YORK, NY, August 15, 2011 – BRIT Systems, Inc. and Safer MD announced today a marketing partnership that will enable radiologists who use BRIT Systems’ UrgentWorks Critical Results Test Management solution to apply for malpractice insurance discounts from their insurance carrier. SaferMD is an independent and neutral third-party auditor that monitors the UrgentWorks communication system and reports the providers’ use back to the insurance carrier. This auditing process can also provide liability discounts to doctors and hospitals when they demonstrate effective use of the product.

“BRIT’s UrgentWorks provides a means for improving patient safety and helping clinicians avoid communication failures,” says Brian Gale, MD, MBA, founder of SaferMD. “By working together, BRIT and SaferMD offer a financial incentive for radiologists to enhance safety and enable patients and physicians to initiate treatment sooner.”

According to Shelly Fisher, president of BRIT Systems, “The failure to communicate radiology results is often cited as the second most common cause of malpractice lawsuits. We are pleased to work with SaferMD to audit the utilization of UrgentWorks, which documents the entire communication process for radiologic findings. As a result, our partnership will help generate opportunities for physicians and facilities to reduce insurance costs and provide a clear return-on-investment for BRIT’s CRTM solution.”

UrgentWorks is a Web-based, automated phoning solution for managing critical results. Findings can be parsed from reports or entered into a web page either directly or via integration with workstations. UrgentWorks then starts phoning clinicians and/or patient locations to deliver the findings. The system continues phoning a list of recipients until the findings have been acknowledged, which may also be done via the web. The urgent finding history can then be returned via HL-7 to other information systems, most commonly as addendums to reports. Full listings on each urgent finding as well as statistical analysis of delivery and acknowledgement times are available with a few clicks of the button.

About BRIT Systems:
BRIT Systems is a technology company that provides custom, turn-key solutions for PACS, RIS and teleradiology, including ASP solutions. Founded in 1993 with the goal of providing affordable PACS based on standards, BRIT designs and deploys high-quality PACS/RIS based on the company's comprehensive understanding of radiology departments, medical imaging, networks, DICOM integration, security and highly-available computer systems. BRIT is an employee-owned corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas. More information can be found at

About SafterMD:
SaferMD, LLC is a patient safety company that monitors and audits risk reduction activity. SaferMD’s metrics enable healthcare providers, facilities, malpractice insurance companies and accreditation organizations to minimize or eliminate the risk of missed diagnostic test result communications. SaferMD’s systems are designed to run seamlessly in the background, compatible with existing clinical work flow. More information can be found at

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