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BRIT Vision Workstation Version 3.7.2 Provides
Performance and Workflow Enhancements

DALLAS, TX, and WASHINGTON, DC, June 2, 2011 – BRIT Systems, Inc., announced today Version 3.7.2 for the company’s most advanced Linux-based PACS workstation, BRIT Vision. The major enhancements of this release include the introduction of the 64-bit Ubuntu operating system, performance and speed enrichments, seamless interoperability with Roentgen Works advanced workflow tools such as ER Discordance, Urgent Findings and On Holds, and an improvement in the comparison tools for hanging protocols.

"We are at the stage of radiology IT development where the rate limiting step is the performance of the radiologist, not the tools; a point where there is only the radiologist's Zen state of mind creating information out of the image with no technical impedance to that process," says Patrick M. Conoley, MD, radiologist at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic (Houston, TX). "The new version of BRIT Vision and the migration to fiberoptic access to archives offer a new level of clinical efficiency, where the system performance—both hardware and software—is becoming completely transparent to the user."

With the powerful new workstation, users can run voice recognition and viewing applications on a single platform. Performance enhancements for downloading images now exceed 100 CT images/second on properly configured networks and enhancements have been made in the viewing of multi-frame images.

“Linux has always offered a more robust environment than Windows for our customers’ heavy workload. The trade-off was that Linux did not have the same general tools readily available, such the MS Accessories, and the Windows emulators were always a bit suspect,” says Shelly Fisher, President of BRIT Systems. “All of that changes with Ubuntu. It provides a rich set of tools, such as the picture capture to a presentation application, which is important to teaching facilities. It also supports emulators that run Windows perfectly, even with the most finicky sound cards.”

BRIT’s Vision Viewer, PACSView, BRIT Lite, and WebWorks (a browser-based viewer) will utilize HDVR transparently, offering game changing access to advanced visualization with unprecedented workflow gains. Not only will medical imaging specialists be able to view their data anytime and anywhere, but they will be able to view extremely large data sets interactively, in real time with unparalleled quality and performance -- all using off-the-shelf hardware without expensive graphics cards. BRIT will be unveiling a Vision Viewer prototype powered by HDVR at SIIM this year, showcasing their new, embedded 3D functionality.

When used in conjunction with a RoentgenWorks server, Vision 3.7.2 includes tools to enter Urgent Findings and Reasons for On-Holds and respond to ER Discordances directly from the image viewing screens. The radiologist does not have to navigate to a separate screen, which helps reduce the number of mouse clicks and increase clinical efficiency. Vision 3.7.2 also improves one of the industry’s leading hanging protocols by automatically selecting protocols for studies with comparisons studies versus those without.

About BRIT Systems:
BRIT Systems is a technology company that provides custom, turn-key solutions for PACS, RIS and teleradiology, including ASP solutions. Founded in 1993 with the goal of providing affordable PACS based on standards, BRIT designs and deploys high-quality PACS/RIS based on the company's comprehensive understanding of radiology departments, medical imaging, networks, DICOM integration, security and highly-available computer systems. BRIT is an employee-owned corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas. More information can be found at

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