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BRIT Announcement Vision Version 3.7.2

Today, BRIT Systems announced the next release of their top of the line, Linux-based diagnostic workstation, Vision Version 3.7.2. The major features of this release are that it operates on the 64 bit Ubuntu operating system, provides speed enhancements, seamless interoperability with Roentgen Works advanced workflow tools (ER Discordance, Urgent Findings and On Holds) and improves the comparison hanging tools in hanging protocols.

“Linux has always provided a more robust environment than Windows for our heavy workload. The trade-off was that Linux did not have the same general tools readily available, such the MS Accessories, and the Windows emulators were always a bit suspect, “ says Shelly Fisher, President of BRIT Systems. “All of that changes with Ubuntu. It provides a rich set of tools, such as the picture capture to a presentation application, that is important to our teaching facilities. It also supports emulators that run Windows perfectly, even those finicky sound cards”. With the powerful new workstations, this allows users to run Voice Recognition and viewing applications on a single platform.

The release features performance enhancements in the downloading of images, now exceeding 100 CT image / sec (on properly configured networks), and enhancements in the viewing of multiframe images. “Our customers are now telling us that the system works as fast as they can think,” commented Shelly Fisher.

Vision 3.7.2 includes tools to enter Urgent Findings and Reasons for On-Holds and respond to ER Discordances directly from image viewing screens when working in conjunction with a Roentgen Works server.

It also improves its industry leading hanging protocols by automatically selecting protocols for studies with comparisons studies vs those without.

About BRIT Systems:
BRIT Systems is a technology company that provides custom, turn-key solutions for PACS, RIS and teleradiology, including ASP solutions. Founded in 1993 with the goal of providing affordable PACS based on standards, BRIT designs and deploys high-quality PACS/RIS based on the company's comprehensive understanding of radiology departments, medical imaging, networks, DICOM integration, security and highly-available computer systems. BRIT is an employee-owned corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas. More information can be found at

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