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DALLAS, TX, September 15, 2009 – BRIT Systems announced today the release of BRIT Vision Version 3.6, a multi-modality workstation with a full-feature mammography module. The new version offers enhancements that streamline workflow for mammography image review, including comparing priors with current studies, and will be showcased at the BRIT exhibit booth 8 during the Breast Imaging Conference, September 14 through 17.

SmartComp allows the mammographer to view comparison images at the same zoom, window/level and projection factors as the new study with the push of one button. BRIT Vision uses intelligent software to coordinate any image format changes made on the primary image to the prior image.

SmartZoom synchronizes the zoom factor between images, and provides a true-size Zoom to enable the mammographer to view the breast image at its actual size. BRIT Vision Version 3.6 also includes a new mammography specific keypad that helps mammographers quickly select viewing projection within or between studies and turn CAD markings on or off.

"Interpreting mammograms requires a high level of reading accuracy and a streamlined, productive workflow," says Shelly Fisher, President, BRIT Systems. "The enhancements in Version 3.6 bring new capabilities that address efficiency and accuracy when mammographers review priors against new breast exams. By automating the view with the same projection information, mammographers can more quickly and confidently analyze and compare studies to identify subtle changes in breast tissue."

BRIT will also discuss the latest advancements to its Roentgen Works Flow teleradiology solution, including applications to remotely read mammograms and deliver results.

About BRIT Systems:
BRIT Systems is a technology company that provides custom, turn-key solutions for PACS, RIS and teleradiology, including ASP solutions. Founded in 1993 with the goal of providing affordable PACS based on standards, BRIT designs and deploys high-quality PACS/RIS based on the company's comprehensive understanding of radiology departments, medical imaging, networks, DICOM integration, security and highly-available computer systems. BRIT is an employee-owned corporation headquartered in Dallas, Texas. More information can be found at

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