Customer Portal - access a list of all of your site's BRIT-provided devices, service contract information and access to the ticketing system.

Roentgen Works - Tools for remote primary reading

PACS Bundles & PAC/RIS Bundles - lower cost, turn-key solutions for smaller environments

BRIT Vision 3.4 - enhancements

  • Performance Improvements for 3D
  • Real-sizing and linking improvements for mammography
  • Html connectivity to dictation systems
  • Mouse customizations

BRIT Vision 3.5 - enhancements

  • PDI support
    1. Images stored in PDI
    2. Store images to disk
    3. Import studies in PDI format

BRIT PACS View - BRIT SYSTEMS' BRIT PACS View DICOM Workstation combines a powerful, user-friendly design with DICOM capabilities and a service offering to assist users over the initial learning curve and set-up obstacles.

  • Workflow optimizers
  • Bulk download manager
  • Workspace support
  • Thumpnail representation of comparison studies
  • User defined hot keys


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