WebWorks - Advanced cine tools for US cardiac studies and optional MPRs

Today BRIT Systems announces the release of Roentgen Works 1.4 which includes special tools for working with cardiac ultrasounds and optional MPR capabilities. WebWorks enhancements to the cine tool include onscreen start/stop buttons for each multiframe image, a tool to start/ stop all on-screen multiframe images simultaneously, auto cine upon opening, paging through sets of multiframe images and performance improvements. "BRIT worked closely with our cardiology customers to enhance this product so they could more efficiently view their studies within a browser. With studies over a GB in size, it is much faster to deliver the browser screens than to deliver all those DICOM images. Now, they can quickly view their studies anywhere within their WAN." It also includes a special feature for transferring measurements from the image viewer directly into report forms.

WebWorks is also being enhanced by an optional package to run MPRs. Providing MPRs to the web browser moves these more advanced visualization tools out to the referring physicians where they can be used for patient education.