SpeechWorks – 1.3

Today BRIT Systems announces the release of SpeechWorksTM VE (Voice Entry) Version 1.3. The product has been renamed from SpeechWorksTM VR (Voice Recognition) to VE to emphasize its ability to not just translate speech into text, but to translate speech into meaning. The new release features an entirely new interface built using BRIT's own Voice Entry toolkit. It includes support for canned reports (aka "macros"), templating features, returning to earlier voice profiles, and real-time mapping of the sentences into objects linked to knowledge trees. " This reporting tool is NOT a substitute for a word processor. It is an input device to a knowledge tree that is being used to produce radiology reports," says Michele Fisher, president of BRIT Systems. "It is also the world’s first, trainable, web-based voice recognition system. It is not surprising that it is introduced in the radiology space since radiology has long been a leader in voice recognition. Using this tool, radiologists can dictate from anywhere they can plug in a microphone and access the remote dictation server. From there, they have access to ever expanding knowledge trees".