Urgent Works Release 1.3

Urgent Works Release 1.3 Important Findings and Follow-up Required

Today BRIT Systems announces two additional levels of radiology findings: Important Findings and Follow-up Required. Important Findings allow a different set of contact rules, usually less aggressive, to activate for less urgent findings. For example, a user may select to not be contacted during the evenings or weekends for important findings. Follow-Up Required allows the radiologist to request a repeat exam or follow-up visit in a specific timeframe and then the system contacts the referring physician with reminders at the specified time. "As we reviewed the malpractice cases, it struck us that most of the problems centered around suspicious findings that were noted, but not followed-up appropriately at a much later time," says Michele Fisher, president of BRIT Systems. "The legal cases were not about the reports of immediately life threatening problems. We surmise that these are being handled with due haste. We enhanced our CTRM to handle the thornier problem of following up on findings that should be tracked over longer periods of time."