Why Choose BRIT?

Reasons why you should choose BRIT Systems:

  • Long History in Industry with Proven Technologies
  • Innovators
  • Products Built on Standards
    • Years of Experience with Standards
    • DICOM, IHE = Vendor Neutral PACS
  • Personal Service - 24 x 7 x 365
  • Integration Expertise
  • Distributed, Enterprise Solutions
  • Breadth of Product Line
  • Manageable solutions
  • Flexible Purchasing Options

Long History in the Industry with Proven Technologies

BRIT has been in the teleradiology and PACS business for over 16 years. Even before that time, BRIT's key personnel were developing some of the first medical imaging viewers and high speed archives. Our core products have evolved over the years and we've infused each successive generation with knowledge derived from earlier products and by working closely with our customers. We've successfully migrated customers' archives from early PACS media, such as MOD, to disk and tape and then to all disk archives. Our producs are constantly being updated with the latest technologies, but only when they are reliable enough for our mission critical customers. Our RIS was developed with our PACS, producing one of the first single database PACS/RIS. We've worked with voice recognition systems as a reseller since their very beginning and now are introducing our own product line.


BRIT has been an innovator in the PACS/RIS arena for many years and continues to be the leader the PACS. Our standards-based platform has been a vendor neutral PACS long before there was such a buzzword. Our PACS/RIS platform started out as a single database because both products were developed in house and the RIS grew out of the requirement to construct most of the database elements to support the PACS. We led the way in building highly available environments and our SmartSynch provides the best tools in the industry for building redundant systems in real-time for disaster recovery and business continuity. Our critical results reporting tools are tightly integrated with our PACS/RIS products and utilize cloud computing for contacting caregivers. Realizing that a hospital should have a single emergency notification system, we are blazing the trail to enhance our products to meet this emerging need. Our voice transcription products grew out of years of experience with existing systems and minimize the deficiently. We are also the only company tightly coupling the voice reporting tools with workstations. The workstation can be voice controlled while passing information directly to the reporting tool. Our latest generation products utilize the latest web technologies and techniques, including GWT, Javadb and cloud computing.

Products Built on Standards

One BRIT's founding principles when we were established in 1993 was to provide standards-based solutions. During a time when there were a sea of pretenders, we talked the talk and we walked the walk. We didn't talk about standards and then tell our customers why they were a bad idea. We not only promoted them, but we built our products from the ground up to use them. Our programming standards call for the use of DICOM and HL-7 standards, when one is available to achieve the task. It is rarely the easiest way to complete a task, but it is the best way from the customers' perspective. Standards include DICOM and HL-7 and we follow IHE profiles, such as Scheduled Worklist. Our products bridge the gap when individual products can't communicate directly. For example, our server will accept a DICOM PPS message from a modality and translate it into an HL-7 order update message and return it to a RIS; our MWL Server has over-ride capabilities to repair ill formed queries from modalities; our Roentgen Burner stores both reports via HL-7 and studies via DICOM so both can be placed on a CD. By following the DICOM and HL-7 standards and designing workflow as per the IHE profiles, our servers supported the Vendor Neutral PACS inherently.

Personal Service - 24 x 7 x 365

BRIT is the Cheers of medical imaging; it is a place where everyone knows your name. Service is personal. Applications are also built from the ground up so they can be supported remotely. And, BRIT developed our own automated support system, On Patrol 24 x 7, that tests servers, diagnostic workstations and interfaces from the outside so it can tell what an end-user sees. BRIT also listens to customers and plans new features and enhancements around feedback that we receive from working closely with our customer set.

Integration Expertise

BRIT has been providing HL-7 and DICOM integration for well over a decade. We've integrated with every major RIS and many small company RISs. Our servers communicate with HL-7 bi-directionally and we can translate between DICOM and HL-7. For example, we can translate a PPS message received from a modality via DICOM and translate that into an order update message and send that via HL-7 to a RIS, helping the modalities and the RIS bridge their communication gap. As part of the IBM DINPACS proposal in the late 1990s, our PACS servers were integrated to run with OEM diagnostic and clinical workstations - all DICOM based. We worked with the government on developing and implementing very complicated workflows and statuses to support them. At that time, we also didn't have our own RIS or voice recognition system and we've never sold modalities. So, we we needed to communicate. Our systems have always been designed in a modular fashion so customers could choose products based on their site requirements. It also allows them to phase in BRIT's products over time.

Distributed, Enterprise Solutions

BRITís Roentgen Files and Roentgen Works products support both enterprise and cross enterprise environments, managing the challenges of:

  • multiple, bi-directional HL-7 interfaces;
  • different patient IDs;
  • potentially conflicting accession number
  • security of access to patient information
  • simultaneously accessing multiple environments from a single worklist

These solutions also support business continuity and disaster recovery with advanced application tools such as SmartSynch that duplicates data in an intelligent fashion, operating system tools such as Linux clustering and best practices techniques, such as using load balancing switches.

Breadth of Product Line

BRIT's product line spans from order entry/scheduling through data acquisition, QC workstations, PAC/RIS single database server, web-based viewer, clinical and diagnostic workstations, On-Hold communication tools, voice recording/voice recognition report tools, critical results reporting and management reporting. Our latest products produce and use a CCR and talk not only via IHE, but also can communicate with the personal health records. We do nearly everything required within radiology - except billing - and we can provide detailed outputs to those systems.

Manageable Solutions

In order for any system to operate correctly, it must be properly managed. BRIT's job is to make this as easy as possible. To accomplish this, we pioneered the first workflow GUI, The Exam Loop, and it is still the most intuitive and flexible product on the market. Exams can be tracked, according to site prescribed workflows, from the time an order is received through receipt of report. We also provide an extremely intuitive Dashboard feature for system managers. This allows them to view key system operating parameters at a glance; it displays warning signals for problems and in the background conducts tests. The system is also monitored from BRIT's service department via our On Patrol 24 x 7 to provide proactive support. All monitoring solutions include the ability to send out alerts to key customer and BRIT personnel.

Flexible Purchasing Options

Systems can be purchased, leased or used on a price per study basis. Not every model fits every product and every customer - and some solutions may be mixtured. For instance, you may buy a PACSView license and use our routing tools on a price per study basis.

To discuss a solution for your organization, please contact us at 1-800-230-7227 or contact us.

Contracting with BRIT

Contracting with BRIT

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