Imaging Advantage FAQs

  • What are the reasons for the acquisition?
    The acquisition by Imaging Advantage provides BRIT with the capital and radiologists' expertise to grow and position our company to meet the changing and demanding needs of today's healthcare environment. It also gives BRIT access to Imaging Advantage's RadAdvisor, the CMS funded Clinical Decision Support tool for radiology orders that assures it is the right study being ordered. BRIT believes we can substantially contribute to that tool, too.

  • What will change at BRIT Systems as a result of this acquisition?
    Little will change in the way BRIT operates as a company. Although we've been acquired, our technology business will be distinct from Imaging Advantage's services business. We will, however, share resources, which will broaden our ability to design and implement new features. Imaging Advantage contributes radiology consultants and they provide an environment where we can stress test our applications.

  • How will this acquisition benefit BRIT Systems?
    We are looking to benefit from additional access to funding and expertise for marketing and development; BRIT will have access to radiologists expertise and remote workflow expertise for product enhancements. We also look forward to having access to real world environment with high volumes for testing applications. We will also move to share support teams, providing better coverage for all customers.

  • What does it mean for my practice and the solutions that I have installed from BRIT?
    This creates additional opportunity for radiologists already working with BRIT to expand their business by participating in Imaging Advantage's network of radiology services. Customers will see an acceleration of new features and enhanced product support. We'll also have the ability to more rigorously test new applications and software within the Imaging Advantage environment.

  • How will current Imaging Advantage customers benefit?
    Imaging Advantage customers will have access to all of BRIT's applications, expertise and support team. For example, many of the customer may immediately start using BRIT's imaging sharing platform. The Imaging Advantage radiologist and customers will also have access to our 3D tools and our critical results reporting tools.

  • How will this acquisition help BRIT to deliver low-cost technology solutions that can help reduce the overall cost of healthcare?
    BRIT has been the low cost provider of high support PACS for a long time. The acquisition by Imaging Advantage will provide these low cost tools to many end-users. Today, these tools include medical imaging sharing, critical results reporting and a low cost VNA. BRIT's costs are kept low through the use of open sourced tools, such as the Linux operating system and Cassandra; and an architectural design that allows for sharing computer resources without utilizing virtual machines; and cloud-based architecture that allows us to provide redundancy and storage at very low total cost of ownership. CMS will be requiring the use of clinical decision support for the ordering of radiology studies; thereby reducing the cost and radiation exposure of unnecessary exams. Imaging Advantage has been on the forefront of this with their CMS grant and BRIT will be building that into our applications.

Contracting with BRIT

Contracting with BRIT

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