• Roentgen Works

    • PACS/RIS/VNA/Image Sharing / Reporting DICOM Router / Single Worklist
    • Zero Footprint GUI
    • WebWorks Medical Image viewer with 3D option
    • Highly Customizable Interface
    • Cross Enterprise Support
    • Multi-tenant architecture
    • Cloud-based options, including Amazon

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  • Collaborative Radiology Pool

    • Want to read more?
    • Focus on your expertise?
    • Pursue your lifestyle?
    • Depends on the time of day / time of year?
    • BRIT supports you with our new concept in radiology servcie
    • Join hundreds of radiologists already in the pool
    - Control how much you read and when you read
    - We provide the technology services, Including 24X7 concierge desk that monitors workflow as well as data communications

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  • Roentgen Works QC v2.6

    • Full function Study QC from a browser
    • QC from anywhere -
    • - All you need is a network connect and a html-5 compliant browser
    • Shared QC Worklist
    • Front-ends PACS/VNA:
    • - Single point for change management
      - Returns changes via IOCM (Image Object Change Management)

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  • Share Medical Images in the Cloud

    Simple. Powerful. Secure
    Medical image sharing made easy for
    • Enterprise Health Systems
    • Health Information Exchange Networks
    • Hospitals
    • Physician practice
    From a leader in medical imaging systems interfacing and integration for 20 years.
    -Join 1200+ BRIT Cloud sites
    -Nearly 100 new BRIT Cloud sites created every month!

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  • Roentgen Cloud

    • Cloud-based PACS/RIS
    • 5 Gigabytes of Storage for FREE!
    • Upload your Studies
    • Share Studies with your Friends
    • 100% Browser-based Interface
    • Advanced Medical Image Viewer
    • Full DICOM Server
    • DoctorWorks iPad App Supported
    • HTML-5 Support for Mobile Devices

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    and get your own personal PACS/RIS!
  • Roentgen Works

    • 100% Browser-based PACS/RIS
    • Advanced Medical Image Viewer
    • Highly Customizable Interface
    • DICOM Server and Router
    • Bi-Directional HL7
    • NHIN Gateway access to EMRs
    • Display Entire Patient Record
    • Scalable, Redundant Cluster
    • Cross-Enterprise Support

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    100% Browser-based Universal Viewer
  • Roentgen Works RIS

    • 100% Browser-based RIS
    • Never-Leave Schedule Design
      Add Patients, Orders, Doctors
      without leaving the Schedule
    • Color Coding of Schedule
    • Patient Photos and
      Contact Information
    • CPOE - Computerized
      Physician Order Entry
    • Procedure Code Management

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    The Integrated, Browser-based RIS with CPOE
  • Web-Enable your PACS!

    • 100% Browser-based Client
    • Highly functional DICOM Viewing
    • No Plugins or Flash Required
    • VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive)
    • Front-end your Existing PACS/RIS/EMR
    • Supports DICOM and/or HL7
    • Automatically pulls Comparisons
    • Physician access Reports and Patients
    • Critical Findings via UrgentWorks

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    100% Browser-based DICOM Viewer
  • DoctorWorks
    IPad Enable Your World!

    • iPad App connects to Roentgen Works
    • View Medical Images, Reports
    • View Entire Patient Folder
    • Pan, Zoom, Window/Level
    • Full Resolution Images
    • Local Storage of Downloaded
      Studies allows offline access
    • Full HIPAA Logging
    • Patient-friendly interface
    • Acknowledge Urgent Findings

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    iPad Medical Image Viewer and Patient Folder App
  • VetWorks - PACS for Veterinarian Practices

    All the features of a human PACS/ Priced for Pets
    Includes Veterinarian Specific Fields, such as:
    • Species
    • Breed
    • Neutered Status
    • Registration Number
    • Responsible Person
    • Responsible Organization
    Based on Roentgen Works
  • Entry Node for Roentgen Works

    • Encrypted connection to Cloud, No VPN required
    • Supports all applications Locally, OR from the Cloud
    • Entries from either side replicate in real-time
    • Works when Internet is down

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    The Entry Node for Roentgen Works
  • BRIT Vision Diagnostic Workstation

    Radiology’s most efficient viewing platform -
    Now with high speed 3D support
    • Subsecond response times
    • Dynamically built, Shared Worklists
    • PowerRead auto-opens next study
    • Auto-display of correct reports
    • Sequential Hanging Protocols
    • Link by body position – across studies
    • Direct Entry of On-Holds and Urgent Findings
    • Voice Control options
    • Direct entry of measurements from viewer into reports
    • Optional Mammography Module
  • Can you show your Joint Commission Inspector your Critical Test Results Process?

    • Entry of Findings via Parsing Reports
      or Workstation Integration
    • User Defined Notification Preferences
    • Automated Computerized Voice Delivery
    • Routing Options for Physician or
      Locations with Escalation
    • Option to be Connected to Radiologist
    • Sophisticated Management Reports
      for Turn Around Times
    • Includes General Emergency Messaging
    • Follow-Up Reminders &
    • Less Urgent Contact Rules!
    Learn About UrgentWorks
    CTRM (Critical Test Results Management)
  • Still Using Films and Chemicals? Go filmless in 1 day

    • Eliminate film / chemicals / storage and handling
    • Eliminates toxic wastes / permits
    • Instant HIPAA mandated data security & disaster recovery
    • Instant HITECH mandated electronic availability of information
    • Provide clinicians with instant access via mobile devices / zero footprint browser
    • All new low cost